Kinedyne HM-750SL

Kinedyne HM-750SL is the world’s most powerful “low-speed, high-torque” energy-saving servo motor that maintains full power and torque even at low speeds. Its robust power and precise motions combine to deliver unparalleled performance. To our knowledge, it is the most powerful sewing machine motor on the planet!

The major advantages:

1. This super powerful servo motor offers an incredible 750 Watts output power. That is approximately one horsepower (HP) of performance and power! It can drive any extra heavy-duty leather sewing machine without any difficulty.

2. The HM-750SL electronic servo motor produces an awesome 8.6 Nm of torque, which means extremely strong needle penetration force and better performance in super hard leather and technical textiles.

4. Speed is adjustable by a simple setting (from 50 RPM to 3000 RPM) that allows you to slow down your machine and sew stitch by stitch. This makes sewing detailed work much easier. Also ideal for beginners. Using a 750SL high torque motor on heavy, thick sewing applications eliminates the need for a now obsolete “Speed Reducer” or reduction gear.

5. It allows for a more stable amperage draw and reduces energy consumption by 60%-80%. Usually, the cost of a servo motor can be recovered within 2-3 years by saving money on electricity. However, the advantage of time and labour cost savings will make the actual return on investment faster.

6. The Kinedyne needle positioner synchronizer allows you to stop the needle in the down AND up position. When you want to pivot the work to change the sewing direction, the needle stops in the down position for handy fabric movement (will not lose the stitch), sew corners or pivot with ease. At the end of sewing, stop the needle in the up position so the work can be removed and the thread snipped.


The Kinedyne HM-750T has one of the most advanced cooling systems in the sewing machine motor industry. The cooling surface is much larger and more effective than other motors of the same class. This allows the motor to run with little temperature increase and also prolongs the life of sensitive electronic components. The net result is a much longer lasting, more reliable motor

HM-750SL adopts Photoelectric sensor (instead of Hall sensor) that assures stable & accurate speed control. These motors run gently and smoothly when motor shifts between low, middle and high speed.

The mounting base of the Kinedyne servo motor is made of a very thick and strong metal alloy. This base is more than able to withstand the high torque and horsepower which the motor generates. It provides a stable and secure mount for the motor.

Kinedyne servo motor features pure copper coils in the motor winding for better current flow and high-temperature resistance.

Unique two stage speed control to facilitate the sewing operation: half heeling to lift presser foot, full heeling to lift presser foot and needle.



This durable, robust and extra strong servo motor is perfect for all types of heavy leather sewing machines, such as Seiko SLH-2B, Juki TSC-441, Juki TNU-243, Durkopp Adler 204-370, Durkopp Adler 205-370, Seiko CH-2B, CH-6B, CH -7B, CH -8B, TH-6B, -TH8B, Durkopp Adler 969, Durkopp Adler 967, Juki LG-158, Seiko JW-28BL-30, Durkopp Adler 221



Motor type:

Real Servo Motor



Output power:


Horse power:

1 HP

Max. torque:

8.6 Nm


200-240V Single phase 13A

Accelerate time:

= 0,3 sec.

Overload protection:


Motor speed:

50-2500 RPM


12 months

Needle Up/Down position:

Optional synchronizer

Packing size :



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