Trade Enquiries

Trade Enquiries

Franklinco is always looking for retailers across the country with the knowledge and expertise to sell and support our machines.

The UK’s only distributor

FranklinCo is the only importers for Hightex Products in the UK.

60 years Experience

Started in 1956 and now into its third generation, The Franklins Group has been bringing underrepresented brands to the UK market.

Servicing and support

Franklinco pride themselves on having a team of highly trained engineers who can provide first class back-up for all our products.

About Hightex

Hightex is the leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial sewing machines and tools. Known as Cowboy in the US, they have earned a reputation for quality products at reasonable prices. Now with the support of Franklin.Co in the UK all your heavy duty needs will be covered.